About funcionality in MAPIHandler

I’ve been trying to send 1 email to several email addresses at the same time (just 1 email, no 1 email per address) and i’ve found that the problem is: the properties ToName and CCName of the MAPIHandler don’t accpet a string with 2 ‘@’ or more’ does anyone know why? is there any reason for that? i know it could be to check the format of the email address…but i sent invalid email addresses, so it may not be the reason ??? could it be fixed in a future? or is it that way for a reason? Regards, PS i dont want to use outlook automation instead.

Look at http://www.navision.net/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=2181&FORUM_ID=9&CAT_ID=3&Topic_Title=How2+send+e-mail+to+several+recipients%3F&Forum_Title=Attain%2FFinancials+-+Developer+Forum Best regards form BCN

codeunit 397 is different in Financials and Attain. while in Financials it uses a microsoft OCX, to build and send the emails, in Attain it uses a Navision automation (‘Navision Attain ApplicationHandler’.MAPIHandler) and this is where i have the problem thnx for the answer, but i can’t use that :slight_smile: