About exporting data from nav 2013 report to excel

Hi everyone,

I have a question about exporting data fram nav 2013 report to excel…

Infact, I used to have a report in NAV 2009 doing export by code(with table 370, excel buffer).THis way, I had the possibility to export data that is in the table but not displayed in the report…
Now, in NAV 2013, the export is automatic and I am not having the result I used to get with NAV 2009.
Is there a possibility to add more fields to the excel file or shall I do it by code?

Thanks in advance :D

You didn’t mention which report your question is about!

But if your report is build using the Excel buffer table, then you need to change the code in order to get more fields.


Yes you have another one way also you can use automation variables to to export data from NAV. Please refer my previous post. to export customer list from NAV using automation variables



Marshal. J


In above link declare J as a text variable other wise it will throw an error.