About Dimension & Synchronization Code Unit

Hi All,

I am Santhosh kumar . i am recentlysppointed to the ERP System management. Now my work is on “Study on RELATIONSHIPS & INTERDEPENDENCIES Between Tables” in ‘NAVISION 3.7’. when i Study the Code of the table. I find some CodeUnits “Dimension Management ,Synchronization Management, User Setup Management, Archive management” now i want to know the purpose of those code units and how the work flow is going on those code units. If any one know then please give me reply.

The purpose of the codeunit’s are to collect unit’s of programming code which does specific functions.

Dimension Management handles dimensions (primary to move dimension from one table to another, ex. when posting an invoice)

Syncronization Management as far as I remember (I don’t have a 3.70 database) handles the Outlook syncronization of contacts and tasks.

User Setup Management handles filters for specific Responsibility Centers, so that users can only see their own responsibility ceter.

Archive Management handles the archiving function of sales and purchase headers/lines.

I can’t really give you the work flow for these codeunits as they are mostly service codeunits who are called from other codeunits or tables.