About dataport

Hi All,

I have created a dataport to import data. when i run it In the Options tab of the req’option form , i found 2 radio buttons , 1 for Export And another for Import.

why it is like this ? and If i select Export wht happens?




If you mark the “Export”-button, then data in the data-item(s) will be exported, if any data is there.

If you wan’t to remove those, you can do it by setting the Import-property of the dataport to either Yes = Only import, or No = Only export.
This property is found in the dataport-properties.

While designed the dataport itself , i hae set those propertys as u said , but when i run d Dataport , again i get 2 options in the Req’option form…

Thts my prob.is Actually…

Hi Venu,

Alexander’s solution is the only option unless the option button are manually added afterwards to the request form. The default of “” is different to Yes