about converting report 113(Customer/Item Sales)

hi everyone,

i am trying to use navision report 113(Customer/Item Sales) and convert it to zap analysis report…

the dataitem of the report as follows:

Lv1: Customer,

Lv2: Value Entry (linked by Source No.=FIELD(No.), Posting Date=FIELD(Date Filter),
Global Dimension 1 Code=FIELD(Global Dimension 1 Filter),
Global Dimension 2 Code=FIELD(Global Dimension 2 Filter)

Lv2: Integer

Questions is how to link customer and value entry by source no., posting date?? :?:
unfortunately, the documentation(user guide) i have does not include tutorials but describing technical functionalities only, anyone knows where to get help? :(

I don’t know what value date has for you. But to link the Value Entries to the Customer table, the source no. is the customer number where the Source Type = Customer. I hope that helps.

If you need customer address data that is sale specific, look at linking value entries to the sales invoice or sales shippment by linking to the approriate document table where the Document Type =[Sales Invoice or Sales Shipment] and the document No. = No. in the document table.

hi teresa,

thanks for replying, but how do i convert them to zap BI analysis report?

Hi Teresa,

I was browsing over this site and your answer was really helpful.

I have another question though. I need to get “Ship to Code” which is Sales Specific and link with Value entries. As you have mentioned i need to link it with Sales Invoice. But i also need those from Sales Credit memo. is it possible? is there another table where i can get “ship to code?”

Thank you so much