About Compex dattypes

Hi All,

Wht is the use of “Record ID & Table Filter” datatypes ? where we wll use exactly these datatypes…



“Table Filter” data type is unfortunately useless.

Record ID datatype stores the number of the table and the primary key of the record within a single field.

You will come across this type when you have to log something and you need an easy way to find the record again at a later time.
RecordIDs are most commonly used together with RecRef and FieldRef.

Have you tried using F1 help at all, or the C/SIDE Reference Guide? Both are available from the help menu. I didn’t realize until month into my career as a NAV developer how much information is in the reference guide particularly.

You should study the official Development course material, which covers all of this. Take both courses, Introduction to C/SIDE programming, as well as C/SIDE Solution Development, also commonly referred to as ‘Development I’ and ‘Development II’.