About commas in an OptionString

Hi everyone,

Sometimes in an OptionString we have something like that:

,Payment,Invoice,Credit Memo,Finance Charge Memo,Reminder,Refund**,,,,,**Bank Reverse,Bank Charge,Loan Pay Out,Loan Pay Back

What do those successive commas mean?
Thanks in advance :mrgreen:


every option value is connected to an integer value beginning with 0.

so here the first valie is a blank, internal value 0, Payment = 1, …

sometimes it’s needed (business/logic purposes) that option values have internally a defined integer number. so best way to do that is setting a series of commas before. in that case Bank Reverse has internally value 11 instead of 7.

It is done to allow for the possibility that new options may be inserted ahead of the ones at the end. So it don’t change the values of those at the end.,

Agree, and it’s a best practise when adding new values to a standard option field to keep the customization easily upgradable.