About Checkbox selection

I want to disable row in grid and post that row data in another table after selecting checkbox control , how can i do that…

You can disable a data source by calling allowEdit(false). You can’t disable an individual line, but you can decide in active() whether the active record should be editable or not.

You can create a new record by insert(). If you want to initialize some fields from another table, you can implement an initFrom method.

Maybe you should be more specific in what you need.

To add check box and status field in grid when user select check box to ask confirmation to be posting to other table (insert data in other table ) also update status field (Posted) in Grid.

the check box will be disable when status is posted.

Hi Bhushan,

To disable record:

Go to active method of datasource > give condition like :

if(checkbox control.valuestr() == noyes::yes) → if it is un bound control otherwise use table field




To update the data into another table:

example: custgroup and custtable; → I have check box in custgroup table

Go to custgroup table > update method > follow the below code

If(Table.field == noyes::yes)


if you have one field use update_recordset custtable setting field =


custtable.field = this.field;


but i want only selected row will disable… and please send sample code