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Hi Everyone,

new here… I was wondering, in NAV 2015 i’m trying to know if the following problem is possible. Here is my situation:

Every year at the company we do Specials (usually 2 or 3). The specials consists on special pallets Pal1, Pal2 etc. The pallets are assembled with items we have in our main catalog BUT because its part of a Special pallet we gave items Special prices because of the quantities the clients buy. So for client group #1 the PAL1Grp 1 contains component at certain retail prices, for client group #2 the Pal1Grp2 the same articles from Pal1Grp1 but different retail prices for the same components and so on…

2nd. How to SHOW on the Order Sale the list of the components of the Assembly (kit) with their particular retail prices.?

I hope i was clear enough!



To the first part of your question - yes, it is possible to setup prices this way. You need to setup sales prices for component items. Here’s an example how to do it.

Let’s take item 766BC-A “Conference system” as an example. It has an assembly BOM already assigned.

Create a sales order with this item and calculate suggested price (Line / Assemble to Order / Roll Up Price). In my example price amount is 191 980.

Open item card 1920-S (Conference table) - it is one of the components of the conference system. Note its price and open sales prices list.

Set new price. You can assign this price to all customers, customer group, or individual customers. I set 15000 instead of default 17890 as new price for all customers. Besides, period of this price can be limited to the specified date range. Or you can make it a wholesale price by setting the minimum quantity from which the price takes effect.

Then return to your sales order and roll up the price again.

Now component 1920-S is included in the assembly list with “special” price.

As for the second question - I don’t quite understand how you want to show components in the sales order. All components are listed in the assembly list linked to the sales order (you can see it in “Assemble-to-Order Lines” page), but components don’t actually appear in sales order lines.