About Approval Management

Hi everyone,

I have a question about Approval Management in dynamics NAV…

From a sales order, when I press Order-> Approvals, I get a form with three buttons: Delegate, Show and Help.

but when I design Form 658 (Approval Entries), I find five buttons: Approve, Reject, Delegate, Show and Help.

I wonder why the two first buttons are hidden? and in what conditions are they displayed? Does it depend on the user roles?

Thanks in advance :)

These two buttons will be visible only for approver who is going to approve the order …

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I didnt see any setup based on which above 2 buttons are shown?

Can you explain amol, based on which setup they will be shown?

Hey Mohana,

There is no setup… we are using the functionality and these buttons are visible for approver only.

Did you check that they are not visible for non-approver?

I guess that is not true because I didnt see any code to show/hide the buttons based on approver/non-approver.

No I haven’t check any code but in our implementation it is behaving like that only.

Can you please confirm whether you have done customization?

No Customization …

Hello Mohana,

It is the standard functionality and dynamically those buttons are hidden basen on the user.

you can see the code is written under Setfilter function and it is called from Order form’s Approval button’s Onpush trigger.

I am happy if my words [<:o)]helped to you…[<:o)]

Those will be hidden for all users not for individuals, right?

yes those two buttons are hidden for all,when you run Approval Entries from from order.B’coz from order’s Approval buttons Onpush trigger code for hidding is written,

But when you run from individually,i mean from purchase->Order Processing->Approval Entries,it shows those buttons.

Then how can these 2 statements be true that those buttons will be shown based on users/approvers?


You decide …[:)]

Amol, you still feel your statement is correct?

I just want to know whether I missed something.

Yes mohana,Approval Entiries are user specific not the buttons visibility here.

Thanks for clearing the clouds.

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