about “Alternative item no” in item , any one who knows what is used for?

Now we need find a field no which existed in the posting progress for record another alias no (which imported from the other system), but can not fill in the description and description 2, any suggestion ?

Thanks very much.

Hi Gary,
The “Alternative Item No.” in the Item table does not have any functionality associated with it and is only used in two reports (701 and 811). Not included in any pages either.
So it’s as good a field as anyone. [:)]
I’ve used this field, and “No. 2” for similar request.

Often it is just as good to create a new field. Last time I needed something similar, it was because the company had acquired a different company. They now needed a place to store the item’s numbers from their old system. The advantage of having a different/new field is that the users I that way easily can see that this item came from the other company. Allowed us to print this number, but not other alternative item numbers. Plus eventually they no longer like to refer to the old company’s item no.'s and then we can easily remove the field again.

So it depends a little on the nature of that “alias no.” - is it something all item’s have or just a small collection.

Hi Erik, I think you are right, I just want to create a new table which record the relation ship between the new item No. and alias No… when we need to show this alias no, I just need create a link field from this table. , what do you think about this ? if it is ok ?

Hi Gary,
Where did that new table come from? I thought you only needed a new field.