About Alerts

Hi All,

i need to get alerts on a perticular date , that i enter in a date field on a form.

how can i achieve it , please guide me …



Use NAS. And search the forum for "how to " [;)]

Hi Venu,

Can you give a clearer explaination of what you want to acheive?

Sounds like you want Business Notification.

Hi Dave T,

Am doing project for a clent who is into trading of usedcars. During the followup procedure,

customer gives some date , so on that date, He has to get alert , so that he makes a call to customer…

this is my requirement actually…



Hi Venu,

This would normally be handled through standard interaction logging and to-dos. You will need to develop a workflow for alerts if you want an automatic notification or use Business Notification.

Just use Outlook.