About a Duration field in a report

Hi everyone,

I am having a field of type duration in RTC report (NAV 2013).
The fields displays values like that:

124 days 4 hours 30 minutes 1 second 240 milliseconds

I don’t want to have the seconds and the milliseconds displayed.
I there a way that I can get the fields displayed this way:

124 days 4 hours 30 minutes

Thanks in advance :)

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Hello Poppins,

Duration keeps the value in milliseconds. Anyhow if you are able to extract this duration value in decimal and then divide it by 60000, the result up to the decimal gives you the exact no of minutes. And now again if you multiply this value by 60000 (as duration need it in milliseconds) and assign it to duration it will turn into the way you want.

For Ex : Suppose the duration is 123456789.

Now I put it in a decimal variable (I am not sure how will you do it ??) x.

x := 12345678/60 000 ;

so x is now 2,057.61315, i.e. our required figure is 2057. Now multiply 2057 by 60 0000

x := 2057*60 000;

x := 123420000;

now if you assign it to the duration variable it will display 1 day 10 hours 17 minutes, instead of 1 day 10 hours 17 minutes 36 seconds 789 milliseconds. Please let me know if you found it helpful. I was just my effort to help you.


Gaurav Singh