ABC Analysis / Cycle Counting NA3.10

Does anyone know of an add-on that handles ABC analysis and /or cycle counting for a small manufacturer, in North American version 3.10. My client is a small manufacturer of electonic-based items, and would like this functionality. I’ve searched the Navision add-ons lists, and can’t find anything? Thanks for your help.

Intrested in ABC too …

Liberty Grove Software has a routine available for the North American version which will do an ABC analysis using the user’s choice of several parameters. It also allows the user to define the breakout percentages (how much to A, to B, etc.), and allows user definition of how many segements and the segment names (i.e. you can have up to 10 segments and you don’t have to call them A, B, C). Visit our website at, the Mod of the Month (MoM) section for more information or send me an email.

David - Thanks for the info. I’m hip deep in something right now, but will check the website, and/or send you a note shortly.