ABC analysis based on fast moving items

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i need to arrange a warehouse depending on the fast and slow items, i need report to classify the items (ABC analysis) in the warehouse, in Axapata there is no criteria to do this, i want to know if there is any available solution i can do.

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This requirement of ABC analysis by volume in DAX is outstanding for a long time. I may be wrong But I believe in DAX 2009 there is no solution for this requirement out of the box.

But the other option may be for you to use out of the box sales and purchase cubes to analyse the transactions and then develop functionality to assign ABC value in the item master.

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but can you tell me more how i can do it please


can i use carrying cost model to indicate the fast and sslow moving items?

in this case the lower carrying cost indicates that this item is fast moving item (item C) is there any problem in this