ABA file

Is Navision able to create ABA file to send to the bank in order to set-up payments in Australian personalization?? Thanks Federico

Hi, Can you pls explain what you mean by an ABA file. Regards, Anu

With Navision you can create most files required by banks. some of the important things you need to know are,Type of file eg CSV, the layout of the file, do any of the fields have to be formatted in any special way, or padded out with leading spaces etc. With this information you should be able to create a file with a report or Codeunit without any problems.

Doesn’t your local version support telebanking and therefore have the possibility to export banking files? Or is ABA a foreign format? maybe somebody has already written the report to produce this file.

My understanding is that there is a Navision Electronic Payment Granule, which allows a user to send files to any US bank in the standard US banking format. I am actually in the process of evaluating such a module right now. Electronic payment to vendors seems straightforward. My company needs to process the opposite - record payments from customers. Does anybody have that option installed and running?

Hi Frederico I prseume you are talking about EFT payments. There is an official Australian Navision add-on for EFT, which produces an ABA file format as defined by Australian Banking Standards. You can purchase this granule through your NSC. Cheers Peter

Hi Peter, is there a documentation available on this EFT Granule? I mean the detailed set up instructions… thanks