A transfer order won't close...

Helo! I have this problem with a transfer order. It won’t close. Now the thing with this order was that it wasn’t posted whole but only partialy. One item from this order (the one that wasn’t posted) was deleted because i didn’t need it. Then i tried to post the whole order but I got a message “Nothing to post” and the order stayed open. Usually what it hapens is that when you completely post a transfer order it’s status goes to “closed” and i think the whole thing deletes. Please help me with this transfer order so i can close it… thanx a bunch, lp prosen

What if you try to delete it, just by pressing F4, while on the Transfer Order header?

That would probably do the trick but i was wondering if there was another way to do this so it would be removed and closed like it’s suposed to be … automaticly - by posting it whole or is this no longer an option?

Nope…it isnt. Since everything that can be posted have already been posted. So the normal “validation” routine will not find any records which need posting and will exit with “There’s nothing to post” message.

Oh, ok I really appriciate this explenation. I allways rather make sure before acting… lp prosen