a strange question : requsition line disappear

when a buyer carry out some action from planning worksheet to requstion worksheet, the system tell us it is successful.But it doesn’t appear in requsition worksheet, what’s more, it also disappear from planning worksheet. Have you ever meet such case? Any ideas? Thank in advance

Hi I presume a) Under purchase order you are using the option “Copy ro Req. Wsh” b) When looking at the Requisiion Worksheet you are looking at the correct template and worksheet name as specified on the transfer. If the line moves suceessully from the Planning Worksheet, it has gone somewhere! Never seen it disappear, does it become a PO?

sure.we really chose the option “copy to req. wksh” and the correct template.Meanwhile, no any new PO generate. So I wonder if there is any bug in Navision 3.01B. I have found such case serveral times in our system :frowning:

Hi Noting on the internal MBS support system but you are on a “difficult” version [:(]. I suggest you log it through normal channels, as MBS have moved to a new support system a lot of the history is missing, so it maybe a known issue.

is it saying “new” in accept action message?

yup. mdma, have you ever meet such this case?