a special "OCR line" must ALWAYS be printed

I want to print the output from a report in > reverse portrait (financials 260D) > The reason for this is that at the end of the paper the tolerance is to large for printing at special pre printed (bank)forms. Whereby a special “OCR line” must ALWAYS be printed at same place at end of the paper > (in Dutch: het acceptgiro formulier !). With the tolerance at the end of the paper this goes wrong. If you print the last line (OCR line) first the you tackle the problem. In HP printing language the code to do this is: “Esc”&l2O. > > How to solve this problem in Navision Financials 260? >

There isn’t any capability within Navision to do the reversing. If you will be using an HP printer for which the Esc code you gave works, simply preface your report with that Escape sequence. The HP printer will then handle the reversing of the printing sequence (“foot first”) as it does with any other report source.

Mark, if I can find the time today I’ll call you, because I think I can help you with this problem. Regards, Peter Bout DSA-Vision

Is this special “OCR line” similar to the “MICR line” on the bottom of US bank checks (or cheques, if you prefer that spelling)? On US bank checks, the special OCR characters can actually go just about anywhere on the form, although the standard is to put them on the bottom. The only absolute requirement is that the special characters have to be in a line. There are characters which tell the scanner where the data elements (the bank’s routing number, the account number, the number of the check, and the amount of the check) begin and end, and the data elements themselves consist entirely of numbers. DIGRESSION: Bar codes are similar to OCR & MICR lines, and they can go anywhere on a bar coded form.