A Single Production Order with Multiple Lines without Header Values

Business Screnerio is as under:

The company has, say, 10 Products. Manufacturing cycle is Per Day.

Each Day, company intends to Manufacture different Products of specific Quantity. The Production Orders need to be closed Every Day**.**

A nearest mapping in Navision is Proposed as Under:

A Single Production Order with Multiple Lines, each line corresponding to a specific Product. In such a Scenerio, the Production Order will not have any Source(Item Code) and Qty in the PRoduction Order Header.

Has anybody used above mapping and did it pose any issue(Problems)? Pl confirm.



I have never done this, but why one production order? Is it because the raw materials are shared between the 10 items (say like in the food industry). If not, why not just create 10 individual production orders?

Hi Vijay,

I think you will face many problems .

take care if you will not do refresh i think you will have many yproblems .

first one if you go to line button on production order then go to componenets then you will see nothing which this means you have lost many good features of navision manufactyriing .