I was wondering if anyone worked with reminders in A/R. I was having a problem with making it work. Whenever I try to run the Functions-> Create Reminders, I get the Error message The reminder line already exists identification fields =‘1002’ , lineno=10000’. I checked to see if the line no. was not being incremented, but it is. I was wondering if anybody’s got reminders working? If so how do we go about it? Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated. N.Anu

N. Anu, The reminders seem to be working fine on Navision 2.6, which version of Navision are you working on ?? regards Vishal

Hi Visha, Yup it works in 2.6 but it does not work in Navision Attain. I tried it in 2.6 too and it does work. If you have the chance try it in Attain and let me know the results. N.Anu

I have a client that runs reminders in NA3.01