A/R Balance on a customer

We are showing an A/R balance on a customer and in their ledger. When you add up the customer transactions it equals zero. When you click on Balance in the customer file, the top portion shows zero amount due but the bottom portion shows an open transaction. It’s as if the transaction is stuck between the aging the transactions. Any idea how to fix this?

Seems like there are invoices and payments which sums to 0 but they are not settled. Can you click on settle open transactions form, there should be some transactions. There you can mark the invoices and payments to knock it off. This way, the balance will be 0 and aging will also not show any open transactions.


I did try and settle it but there is only 1 transaction showing - the transaction that seems to be stuck. Obviously, if I mark it and update it nothing happens.

Our series of events - we issued a credit memo thru a journal entry - acct type Customer. We needed to refund the customer their overpayment. We then created an invoice journal and selected account type Vendor and the offset account type “Customer”, we used this customer’s customer account number.

We never cut a check - only posted the invoice journal. We then reversed the invoice journal because we didn’t need to print the check.

This is where I believe it’s stuck - in the reversal of the invoice journal thru AP. That transaction is unavailable to settle.

We did try thru closed transaction editing to reverse the transactions, that was successful, but going back into open transaction editing there is an extra entry.