A question about Security Setup

I’m on the way to discover NAV 2009 classic , so now I have a request : Adjust the Sales Report in Analysis Report to restrict user access by their role!!

is it mean assign role for sales person? what’s different between Roles and Window Login?

So what’s the best way to do this? please advise me.

So Thanks and Regard.

PS : My company also have the license for developed , but within this tasks , is it needed?

What do you mean by restrict access by their roles?

visibility or report result?

we should assign roles to windows login…

thanks for your quick response, my mean is restrict sale man access the sales report another! but Sales Admin user can be access all of report.

Thanks so much

Then you can achieve this by creating seperate menu for sales people and give permissions to view that menu only in Menu Suite.

so if the sales man in South can view and print the report of South Market but can not view or read data of sales in North… is it can do by role?

Thanks & Regard.

No…this you need to done through coding…

In our case we are using Responsibility Centers.

Si we added in reports like


“Purchase Header”.SETRANGE(“Responsibility Center”,UserSetup_M.“Purchase Resp. Ctr. Filter”);

yahh, i consider must be used by Filter , anyway else?

Thanks for your advised!!

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