A Question About Granules ...

Hi, guys. How is it going? I have a question: is there a way in Navision to determine which tables and other objects belong to which granule? In other words, to determine if a certain table will only be available if granule X is present? I need this for security setting up, and also in case my company needs to create new granules for add-ons. Trust me, I have tried the PartnerSource website (the new one, and trust me, I’d rather go with the older site, as it was much more helpful) and also spent countless hours exploring Navision, to no avail. Thanks, and appreciate it. [:)]

hi As far as i know, the answer is No Harikesh[:D]

If you contact your NTR, they can provide you a file with information as to which granule provides what permissions on which objects, which is what you are looking for. You may not get classified exactly as per visible granule in the application but per granule ID of the Price List.