A New Website For Navision Developers

Hi Peeps, I’m putting together a new website relating to Navision development and am looking for feedback and contributions from anyone who is interested. Until I find somewhere better to host it the address is http://www.btinternet.com/~simon.savage/index.html Please feel free to have a look and give me some feedback. In particular I am interested in: 1) Any constructive criticism. 2) Suggestions for links 3) Contributions/Suggestions for downloads 4) Contributions/Suggestions for the code bits 5) Any ideas for future projects. Of course anybody who does contribute will be given full credit for their work. I would love to here from you either via the site or at simon.savage@btinternet.com Regards Simon

Hey Savage, Just had a look at your link…was not able to digest what is your destination…however good luck for your long journey…may your tribe increase.

Hi Rohkam, Thanks for the message. I’m not too sure what you mean by not being able to digest what is my destination! Perhaps the ~ (tilda) in the address is causing problems. I hate it thats why I’m looking for a new host. I hope you can get through and look forward to your comments. BTW its Simon Regards Simon


Hi Savage, Forgetting about criticism & feedback, can you tell us what you want to convey by “Code Red” & the Dog out there. The name is conveying something like ‘bitternet’. I’m interested in that ‘compiler’ stuff. Anyway best wishes. Regards

Hi Rahimuddin, To answer your questions: 1) Code Red is a working title. The site is in its early stages at the moment. Any suggestions welcomed. 2) The dog is just a pooch who needs support. Thanks for the comment about the compiler. The next couple of installments are up and running on my development machine - I just need to turn them into HTML Regards Simon

I got an idea for a future project. Write a Killer CAL Compiler [:D] Which has got Microsft Visual Source Safe integrated into it … “Marketing says you got to ship that for X-mas!” [;)]


Originally posted by Savage . . . In particular I am interested in: . . . 5) Any ideas for future projects. . . .

hi Simon Savage, i think the greatest thing that will be useful on your site is some kind of manual which explains how to create difficult reports in navision and how to code in navision. that will sure make a A+++++ site