A multi-user system?

Hey guys, I’ve got a little but important question if anyone knows… I work for a company that has just merge from an old system, wich is As400, to Navision. Navision works well, and offer lots of opportunities but there is a glitch, the software seems kinda slow and I think we know what is the cause, and I’m asking you… There is about 1500 employees who works for this company, so you can imagine that the system contains lots data in it. The thing that seems to slow Navision down, it’s when we report things like invoices, well anything that require changes in a table. Navision locks the table that is requested every time we update, create or delete data. Is there any other ways to speed up the system a little bit like LOCKING A RECORD instead of locking the entire table? And I must mention that there is others software who use the same table that Navision use. Every time we request something from a table that Navision as already locked, things are getting pretty slow… Any help would be greatly appreciated! BTW, we are using Navision 3.1.0

I think we will need more info to help you properly. How many users are actually accessing Navision? Surely not all 1500 employees!!! [:o][:D] Are you already running on SQL Server or you still run Navision’s native DB? Navision’s DB supports only Table Locking, you will have to switch over to SQL Server to get Record Locking. Also, try searching the forum for discussions about “performance”, “sql” or “lock”. There is quite a lot of info around.

No there isn’t 1500 employee accessing Navision [:D]. Let’s say about 60 to 80 people at the time. Well all the table are stocked on SQL Server, so I think we are not running on Native… If not, that mean we can lock the record instead of the entire table? Sorry for the lack of info here, I ask this question because the consultant told us that it was IMPOSSIBLE lock a record only, does this mean that we are running on Native or this mean that they don’t know their stuff? Thx a lot for the info.

This is what I have done in the similar situation (Navision 3.01 36 users) 1 Disable some keys in the appropriate table (some of them are useless and take space and time to update) 2 Spread db over multiple HIGH speed (15,000 RPM) disks. Navision has to reside on a stand alone server (nothing more on it, only Windows and Navision) Search the conference, there are few other valuable advises, but those 2 will cut the time the table is locked by at least few times.

Hi Dominic, You are definitely running on SQL, and when using SQL, Navision is (by default) locking records, not tables. In the code, it is possible to test if a table supports RECORDLEVELLOCKING before locking it.


From Navision help (3.60) RECORDLEVELLOCKING Use these functions to find out whether the table supports record level locking. Ok := Record.RECORDLEVELLOCKING Ok := recordref.RECORDLEVELLOCKING Record Data type: record Refers to the table to be checked for this feature. Ok Data type: boolean The possible return values are: If Ok is… It means that… TRUE The table supports record level locking. FALSE The table does not support record level locking. recordref Data type: recordref Refers to a record in the table to be checked for this feature. Comments When you are using SQL Server, you can use record level locking. When you are using the Navision Attain database, you cannot use record level locking.

What are you HW specs - 60-80 users I assume you have minimum 2 processors (4 is normal considering prices) for the sql server (min. 1M cache/per processor) and ~ 4GB RAM + lots and lots of scsi3 harddrives on suitable raid (1 + 1 or 1* or 0 + 1 -sth. like that) so that temp has it’s drive etc. Also check that you’re not running term server on the same server or sth. else like that. Tõnu

Thx to all of you, ill check this out!

Just FYI - We have 450 concurrent users. We run SQL (without me knowing any of the details) We have done a lot of optimazation - including removing Maintain SIFT on some keys.

Henrik, I think most of the more technically-inclined members would love to hear a little more about your installation. This thread is probably a good place for posting more info (if you can, of course): http://www.mbsonline.org/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=8160&SearchTerms=install,user,large,sql,gb Thanks for sharing this info, anyway.

I will see if I can put a document togeather sometime this week…