a grid field should accept or allow zero values

I have a field in a grid.

It is not accepting negative values but I want that particular field to accept or allow zero values such as 0.00

now it prompts an error saying that the field must be filled in, if try to enter 0.00 in that field.

Please provide me a solution.

Thanks in advance

The field is set as mandatory - you can change the Mandatory property, but you must be sure that you won’t break any existing logic by that. The validation may be also somewhere in code; it’s impossible to say from information available.

Negative values are controlled by AllowNegative property on the control or data type.

Mandatory property is set to no.

There is validate method

public boolean validate()


boolean ret;

ret = super();

return ret;


Did you check both the table and the data source?

Look at where the error is thrown and if it’s kernel code, it’s caused by the property. If it’s not kernel code, you’ll have the answer as well.