A fix little EDI Solution needed

Is there anybody who had made a simple solution or have some tips how to link to an External System either as WEB/EDI? Bizztalk is not the solution here as the price tag of 25.000USD on this product alone is a “killer” for this 5 user solution. Thanks, Henrik

I believe there is an add-on available that I’ve read about on the Navision-US partner network. Also, you may want to search this site because I believe others have mentioned solutions they were working on or that they had questions about.

We provide a EDI-solution (also Web-EDI) for Financials and 3.XX (using an external converter). For details please mail to hhaerer@mse.ag

Actually - the price of the Biztalk server is 5.000 USD for one CPU and up to 5 partners - it is only if you need more capacity that you need the full solution (25.000 USD) - 4 CPUs and more than 5 partners (unlimited). It’s true you also have to buy the Navision Application Server (around 8.000 USD) and the Commerce Gateway (around 14.000 USD for the first 5 partners and another 14.000 USD for unlimited partners) if you want it to be integrated fully with Navision. It may sound like a huge chunk of money, but compared to many other solutions out there it’s actually cheap.

Hi, We provide a data integration tool capable of integrating with different databases using each database native interface. (gives direct database access) For more details mailto:sf@databackbone.dk