A Connection to a Server from NAVISION

Hi All, I hope anybody can tell me, how I ca receive Events with NAVISION. My Problem is that i have to connect to a Server, LOGON, Send Datas and receive Datas from the Server. These received Datas are Answers which tell me if for Example the LOGON was failed or not. PLEASE help me as sonn as possible!! regards Thunderace [|)]

If you wish to connect to Navision from a third party product you could have a look at the C/FRONT API (available on the Navision CD) this would allow you to connect to the Navision Server and Read & Write into Navision Tables

Hallo Tarek, we want to connect from NAVISION to a Server called HI-Tier. We want to change information about animals like cows, pigs and so on. Is there any Automation which can connect to a server? I’d tried with winsock.ocx in NAVISION, but I can’t receive the Events from the server if we were connected, if the LOGON was succesful or something like that. Best Regards Thunderace The problem is still alive [:(]

if you go to the global variable and go to properties for that variable (winsock ocx) there is a properpty called with events. Set it to Yes. and you’ll see the events.

The property WITH EVENTS is not available for an OCX Variable only for Automations. I have tried this at first. Perhaps there is an automation for winsock. But I don’t know them. Thunderace