A code to displace a message when job completion is upto certain % and where to place the code

Dear All,

I need a code to display a message when job % is up to certain % and where to place the code. Your assistance will be very much appreciated.



Where you need this message? while doing what?

I think this code might be helpful

class className



display edtName methodname()


tablename tablename


select name from tablename

where tablename.reqfield == this.reqfield;

return tablename.name;


Hey is this NAV related or AX?

Please make sure to post questions/Answers in right forum…

Thanks Mohana,

I need these code when opening the job card. Its nav.



Thanks Jasmine,

I want the code to display the message when opening the job card and its Nav related.



few quick questions?

are you a developer or end user?

If end user, please don’t play with Database…

based on which field you want to calculate?

Hi mohana,

Am a developer it’s base on cost completion %


I didnt find cost completion % field in Job table.

but still

Write the below code in Form - OnAfterGetRecord() of Job Card (Form 88)

IF “cost completion %” = X Then

Message(‘Cost Completion % is %1’,X);

Dear Mohana,

Thanks, but the cost completion % is on the job taskline table and not on the job table. Sorry for not detailing down to that extent . I want a situation when the job card WIP is calculated it reads through the taskline if there is any posting on the taskline that cost completion % is above certain level. These message should come up when the WIP is calculated. I hope have been able to pass the message accross.



I have no idea of this functionality…

“Cost Completion %” is calculating in 5 functions

CalcWIPAmount1 to CalcWIPAmount5

You need to write a function and pass “Cost Completion %” paramer from all 5 functions

and write

IF costcompletion%parameter = X Then

Message(‘Cost Completion % is %1’,X);