A Blank Record was created after importing

Hi Nav Developers,

I have a little problem in i created dataport in NAV to import csv file on tables (Item Category, Item,GL Account,…) to be specifically. I used the insert procedure to identify only what are the fields that i will populate. All are set and running but the problem was when i tried to import the file and the records are all saved another blank record was created. Could anyone know why is a blank record created and how is that blank record eliminated when importing the file? I appreciate a response on my problem… thanks.


FYI: I am using NAV 5 SP1 thanks

Do you have the AutoInsert property set to Yes? It sounds like you built logic into the OfAfterImportRecord trigger to decide which data to import. Are you using CurrDataport.SKIP in order to not process those records?

Or a simplier answer - do you have a blank line at the end of the CSV file?

Hi Matt and DaveT

Thanks for your reply.

DaveT - CSV file does’nt have any blank line at the end.

Matt - Yes i used the OnAfterImportRecord to insert the data imported to the tables.I Have not used the Currdataport.Skip

Matt - I just set the Autoinsert Property to false and no Blank line inserted anymore. thanks.