8401A : Student CD Solution.fob

Hi all,

Can anyone please tell me from where can i find 8401A : Student CD Solution.fob or Solution.PDF File.



Hi Nishtha,

As far as I know, you can get this CD on buying the hard copy of the Microsoft Courseware for Navision 4.0 Solution Development, which you can buy from a company called QSIT, Bangalore. Following is there web link for contact information:


Another sugestion, If you have access to NAV2009, then buy the study material of this new version only…

Hi Dhan Raj,

Thanks a lot for your suggestion i already have purchased two books ie 80042 and 80055 . I got a CD with 80042 but not with 80055 . I had purchased from the same company you told me. Is there any other medium where i got the solution.fob.

Is there any other medium where i got a complete module fob for study reference.80055 book is somewhat difficult to study without solutions.Please give me some suggestions.



Nishtha Bhatnagar

Hi Nishtha,

I agree with you. I thought the CD containing FOB file is a part of 80055 course-ware. I don’t know any other way to get those fob.I believe MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainers) might have access to it, and if someone is willing to share (but in that case Copy Right laws may be an issue)… :slight_smile:

Hello Dhan Raj,

Actually i need it for learning purpose please if you find somewhere please send me on my id





mail is on the way to you!



Hello Nishtha,

I’m located in Dallas, Texas and I wanted to purchase those books materials.

Can you help and advise?

Many thanks,


Can You forward same mail to me?

I am also facing same problem

Please include me on the email list.

Besides direct bying there is another way to get these CourseWares.

Partners must pay to download them from PartnerSource, BUT customers on active maintenance plan can download them FOR FREE from CustomerSource, Well, relatively for free, as they have paid maintenance fee, and it includes among other benefits the ability to simply download course materials.

No printed booklet in that case, as it is, when you buy the materials, but who reads paper books nowadays, at least tehnical ones [;)]