4 purchase lines result in 1 G/L entry


When i post a purchase invoice the 4 lines in the document are joined to 1 G/L entry. De purchaseinvoice contains 4 lines with the same G/L number, different amounts, the same dimensions, different descriptions. In the version we used before, the same action resulted in 4 G/L entries. Now we are using Navision 4.03. Can anyone tell me how to i can make Navision to post 4 G/L entries again instead of 1?


Hi Marcel,

basically in CodeUnit 90 there is buffer table which is used to combine the lines. Most people want this so that there are less G/L Entries, but I know that there are quite few customers that need it the way you are asking. To do this you need to either make the lines ont he purchase invoice unique or modify Navision posting rountine in CU90.

To make the lines unique, you could add dimensions, or have different posting groups per item, but I don’t think you will like the results of doing it that way. Thus you are probably going to need to contact your NSC and have them code this for you. The solution I normally use is to add a new field to the Buffer Table “Line No.”. and populate this with the Purchase Line “line No.” field.

I guess this does not solve your issue, but I hope it clarifies the situation.

Hi David,

Thanks you for your explanation!


You’re welcome.