4.0 Upgrade Permission Problem

Hello again helpful people… I am in the middle of an upgrade (3.7 to 4.0). In the manual I am at Chapter 6, Task 6 “Change Objects”. I have imported the “Upgrade - Old Version” object into my old database and successfully run the first task on Form 104001, which is running Codeunit 104045 “Upgrade 4.00 Step 1”. When I continue on to run the second job on the Form (Codeunit 104002 “Delete Objects Excl.Tables”), I get an error message reading "You do not have permission to delete “Licensed Employee Count Mgmt. codeunit,” and It kicks me out of the Upgrade form and rolls back the deletions. This codeunit in question is number 37003000, version-marked “HRPUS3.70.” This is a SQL database. I am logged in as SA. In Navision security, SA is listed as a superuser. I am using my developer license. I can neither delete this codeunit from the Object Designer or change its number. Does anyone have any thoughts on how I might proceed? If I can’t resolve this can I manually delete all non-table objects and proceed with the upgrade? Thanks… Chandler

After you change any kind of security in Navision 4.0 for SQL - wheather it is new/modified/deleted any of: database logins/windows logins/roles/permissions, you must run Tools/Security/Synchronize. You must then login again. Have you done that?

Thanks for the response Robert…sorry, I wasn’t clear. At the point this problem occurs I am in the ‘old’ 3.7 database, attempting to apply the upgrade tools. In any case, I ran Tools>Security>Synchronize successfully and I’m still getting the error. I would guess that it has something to do with that object’s number, which is in a range all by itself. But what level of permission might one need above Super? Chandler

There was a problem with the definition of the developer (004) license files related to this codeunit; in effect, you had no permissions to do anything to this object. In mid-October timeframe (I think), this problem was corrected by MBS, giving you permission to Execute and Delete this object, which should solve the problem you are having. If your developer license file was requested and received before the mid-October timeframe, it more than likely does not have this permission. I would suggest requesting an update to your license, and if that does not work, give Vision Pay support a call or email (www.visionpay.com), as we are responsible for payroll/advanced HR related support issues (this falls into that category). dg

Excellent! Thank you Denis!