4.0 Menu filters

My company writes an add on to Navision. Our menu has a lot of filters. I need to know a way around this. I heard of using codeunits or reports for this and I have an idea of how to do it, but would like to see some other code to see if there is a better way than what I am thinking of. My thought is to set a function in the form I need the filter set for and call the function from the codeunit to set a couple of global variables and then when the form opens, set the filter. If there is a better way, I would like to hear it. Thanks.

Hello David, Is your requirement to Filter the records Forms are based on at a user level ? Is so you may want to look at the filters you can apply on Table Data Items in Security Roles. The filters are only available on the SQL version of the Navision Database. (Apologies if this is not your problem and I am teaching my granny to suck eggs) If you want to control which controls are visible / active on a particular Form at a user level my experience is that this requires bespoke. Let me know if this is still an issue and if so the specific details of your requirements, I’ve had a number of customers require security which was not possible through the standard security model, bespoke solutions were created for some of these customers so I may be able to offer some help on this one. Regards

Hi! To keep it short no C/AL code with Menus anymore.

Hello Martin, Bit confused, I have had a good look at the new Version 4.0 Menu Suite Object. This will not solve all of the previous customer requirements for which we had to create CAL Code? I think it is difficult to say whether they will solve David’s problems without getting more detail. Regards