4.0 Installation error

Hi We have just downloaded the 4.0 W1 Navision two CDs, but we are unable to install it. The installation always stops with the error message There is no SQL Server on the machine, and we don’t there should be… Any ideas? Toni

My first attempt would be to install Navision through the custom setup option and remove the MSDE component.

With the installation, the SQL Server Service will be installed automatically.

Hello, This problem may occur if the SQLSERVERServices group that is used to start the SQL service does not belong to the Administrators group. mvajid

Hi again I tried the installation without MSDE, but the error is the same. However, why does the installation try to start the SQL service? I’m trying just to setup a client on a machine without any SQL Server. I assume it could be a problem with permissions, but I’m local administrator. Toni

Hi, have you installed 3.60 or 3.70 before? Because with these versions the server will be installed too and might be already on your system.

Yes you already have the SQL Server service on your machine for some reason or other and it is failing to start. You should be able to remove it from Add/Remove programs. If you keep it, the install that is failing might continue ok if you ensure that the service named ‘SERVER’ is running on the machine already. Or, disable installation of a demo database, then the installation program will not try to start the SQL Server service (it is doing this in order to attach the demo database).