3T Troubles in Sales/purchase Orders


In 3T environment, I’ve constated that in the Salestable/PurchTable, for big sales/purchase, when you update manually each line for update the sales price (or the purch price) for sample, Axapta update the configId (at screen) but if you save the line (with the updated configId), the “new” configId is also saved (with sometimes error saying that the config is not one config of the item !!!).

The “update of config” is done when Axapta fetch records from AOS when you scroll the grid !

I’ve encountered the problem in Ax 3 SP 4 and Ax 3 SP5.

Have you already encountered this kind of problem ?

Any suggestion ?

thanks in advance


Additionnals informations :

I’ve installed Kernel Rollup 3 and the problem exist always !!

To reproduce the problem : in 3T environment with AOS and client on 2 separates PCs.

Create an item (invent Dimension : InventLocation, WMSLocation and config), put prices

Create 12 configs (01 → 12), create InventDim combination (and put name config 01 … config12)

Create SalesOrder (first journal type) and create one line for each config. Use copy from to multiplicate the line. The goal is toi have one sales order with ± 40 lines.

Now change type to SalesOrder and update the sale Price of each line manually (copy / paste of the price, use arrows to move on the next line, …)

At one moment, Axapta will take several seconds to go to next line (Axapta load next lines from AOS) and this is at this moment that the config ID (only TEXT box on the grid) of one under line is updated. So, if you update the sale price of this line, the configId and the sale price are updated.