3rd party WMS integration into NAV 2009 R2 SQL CLASSIC CLIENT

Hi there,

We are researching options to implement a 3rd party WMS system, it needs to integrate to our NAV 2009 R2 SQL Classic Client smoothly. We do have granule 9100 and 2140, so I think webservice is one of the options. We can not upgrade to 2013 NAV.

For various reasons we can not use the NAV WMS granules or the Lanham Associates WMS.

In talking with the various WMS vendors, there seem to be 2 very different opinions.

  1. There has been no ERP system that they could not integrate with.
  2. They prefer to integrate through web service, one even prefer to only integrate with NAV 2013 Web Service.

My question is what’s the best way to integrate to NAV? Using Web Service or using C/Front? or perhaps some other methods? Is there any issue with integrate a WMS using 2009 R2 Web Service?

Thank you !

Define the details of what you want to accomplish first. Then choose those technology(s) that allow you to accomplish those goals. Don’t settle on a single technology in the beginning. Then find it limits what you can accomplish.

It is not unusual for complex interfaces to require the use of multiple technology solutions working together to produce an integrated solution.