3rd party commissions

I have a customer (fashion Industry) who has their product manufactured offsite (vendor). They issue purchase orders for their products and wish to calculate a 2% commission, paid to a 3rd party agency. Any ideas on how to set up ax 2012 to achieve this?


Commision to 3rd part during purchase invoice is not available in AX. Need to customze that as a seperate voucher needs to be passed for commision.


You could add it as a misc. charge and then pick up these entries and journal it out but it depends upon teh requirements. In the past I have added a % and vendor field to the PO and then collated these and manually posted the commission - depends upon teh full requirements really.

thank you guys for sharing your opnios cause i ahd the same issue days ago and did not know hot to solve it… karla

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That’s what I was thinking. Do you also agree that the solution provided by Adam has any merit?



Hi Adam

Please describe to me the process you used at po invoicing and where did you add the % and vendor field on the po. Screen shot would help?



Hi Ron

This was as simple as a percent field and vendor reference on the purchase header. From memory there was a report written on invoiced purchase orders in the month that looked at the PO and brought the details forward if they were not blank. It was a rolling month on invoiced orders. Then an invoice was received and processed, reconciling it to the report, no more than that. For some vendors I believe the report was the trigger to raise the invoice but some vendors were only settled annually etc. I have been involved in many talks, some extensive, about this sort of requirement, but in many instances it is an accrual position in advance of the vendors invoice, some a trigger to self-bill. In most cases there is little ROI on the modification so little investment outlaid.