3-way matching

Hi, It is me again, trying to figure out how Axapta supports 3-way matching. That is matching the vendor invoice to the PO and the receipt as approval for invoice payment. I can not find out how this is done anywhere in the documentation. Any advice would be most appreciated. Thanks!

On PO itself you enter the invoice details from the vendor and invoicing is done upto the material actually received(depends on setup). Then in payments system can tell you the open invoices which you can then pay and marked as pay. This is how PO,GRN, Invoice and paymens are linked and controlled. Regards, Anuj

Process is as follows : Register your Invoices in the Invoice register option. Thereafter you pull it into the approval journal by selecting it and approve it and define how the bookings are to be done. Thereafter in Functions / Purchase order you match the update with the purchase order. BR Sven

Hi Jeff - another good question and one I was wondering about also. Unfortunately, the replies to your original post were Greek to me. Were you able to determine if the system performs automated three-way matching? Better yet, were you able to find any documentation on how the process works? Thanks, Bruce

Hi Jeff, For payment approval you want to track back to the original transactions. For instance when you want to pay, you want to see the invoice number and then the PO number. Is this what you mean? If yes then, do the following : 1. Go to AP Payment Journal > Function button > Settlement (Here you can see the Invoice number and Invoice voucher number). 2. Right click on the Invoice voucher number (in the voucher column) and click on Go To Main Menu. 3. Click on the Original Document button in the Vendor Transaction - Voucher window. 4. Then you can see your Purchase Order number in the Original Document column with the type of Requisition in the Original Document Window. And the invoice number in the Original Document column with the type of Purchasing Invoice type. 5. To view the Invoice, click on the Purchase Invoice type line in the Original Document Column and then click the show button. 6. To view the Purchase Order, click on the Requisition type line and then click the Show button to see the original PO. If you follow the above instruction, then you can justify whether your payment is related to your purchase. Hope this help.

Hi Jeff, Some traditional erp systems support this feature assuming that the invoice is entered and matched to the grn either line by line or in total and the discrepency between the invoice total and the matched grn will be posted to a ppv account. Axapta assumes that all matching is done on the source document - the po - quantity and price issues are dealt with during the receipt to invoicing stage and by implication you would match line by line - this will give a good degree of accuracy. Items to consider: Who processes what at what stage - creditors - to process against the po? who processes and prints the grn and do they have access to seeing values? etc Accruals - these values are posted according to the inventory model setup. Variances - how you are going to deal with these - Axapta supports well defined trade agreements vs accounting for variances. Model the process! Hope this helps.

Hi Stacey, 1. Does Axapta actualy allow for PPV’s? 2. Can you set up tolerances for ensuring that the matching doesn’t continue when it is above a allowable amount or percentage? It seems that Axapta is quite adept in monitoring the qty issue irt 3way matching but the monatary side is giving me a run around. Regards

Hi Ulrich, 1 - No 2 - No Regards


Can anyone tell How 3-way matching is possible in Navision I dont have any idea abut that …

pls help me as soon as possible

thanx in advance


I want to know how 3 way matching is possible in Navision and i dont have any idea abut that…

can you help me in it in any way possible …

thanx in advance

This was posted over five years ago and the poster information states he has not been online on this forum for 2 years - what do you think your chances of a response are? I suggest you follow your double posting in the NAV forum where someone will tell you to load an invoice and use the get receipts function.

Hi Stacey

So are we saying here that in AX2009, if your delivery note value is £500 and the invoice is £550, the £50 difference will remain in the delivery note and delivery note offset account rather than post to a PPV account?

Thanks Carl