3 tier solution

Has anyone any technical data on Navisions 3 tier solution.

Which 3-tier solution? /Lars

There are 3rd party 3-tier solutions available from several NDPs like ExpandIT. Are you talking about these solutions? If Navision is making one, I’m sure it is covered by an NDA. Who could talk about it? Jim Hollcraft aka Skater drilldot.com Unauthorized Navision News Link Edited by - Jim Hollcraft on 6/20/00 2:47:08 PM

Let us leave the 3 tier solution ! Now that you have alot of experience with navision, could you give a tip concerning Navision on MF1.8 I have tested it over WAN-links…not impressed. In my opinion 30k is what it takes for acceptable performance. Have you any tips in this area as to optimizing performance. What about SCSI tuning what is the optimal blocksize ?! Why is that writecache is so downspoken when dealing with Navision ? Anyway, if you have sufficient power via an UPS this should do…or what? I have heard far out arguments about malfunctioning NIC’s etc. But what is the reason for not using writecache !!!

If you have an UPS on the Navision server, there are absolutely no reason for NOT using write cache (commitcache). Also, you can improve performance on the clients by makring sure that the object cache on the clients are min. 2Mb. /Lars

I second the comments regarding the use of a UPS and NOT turning off the write cache. The performance hit you take by doing this is very significant in a high volume environment. We have run comparison tests in a very high volume posting environment (Pets.com) and without the write cache on, we actually weren’t able to keep up with the volume of transactions. Also, many of the higher end equipment manufacturers have battery backups for the cache on the controller which will hold the cache up for days - giving you plenty of time to get a new CPU, power supply, whatever. Allen Beck President Beck Consulting Alameda, CA & Bellevue, WA allen@beckconsulting.com 800-456-8474