3 questions

Hi there ! I have 3 questions: 1. Where do I get trial version of AXAPTA from ? I’d like to try it from both user’s and developer’s perspetives (it’d be just nice to have also some WEB modules) ? 2. Also I wonder is there any integration between .NET platofrm and AXAPTA itself ? 3. Also it’d very interesting to get more information on how AXAPTA interacts (if so) with Micorsoft’s E-Business servers - BizTalk and Commerce Server, COntent managemnt server etc… TIA, Dmitry.

  1. You can get the trial version of Axapta from the Microsoft Business Solutions office at Ireland. If you are a Microsoft Business Solutions Partner then the MBS office would give you a link from where you can download the demo version but without the development rights. For acessing the development environment you need a license, which you can obtain from the MBS office if ur company is a MBS-partner and is authorized to work on Axapta. 2. till now there has been no integration of Axapta with .NET -platform ,apart from the COM that both the product supports. But definitely in future we can expect integration of Axapta with .NET. 3. Axapta does support BizTalk server for talking to other ERP like SAP and Navision. For more information on the subject you have to contact the nearest MBS office.