3 questions about logistics

I have worked i couple of months with AX now but there are still many thin that I havnt learned. I would really appreciate the help.
Ive encountered 3 problems:

  • Is there any way to edit a BOM before sending it? I don’t want the change to be permanent but at the same time I have to mark the 1 out of 20 items that Im not sending.

  • Is there any way to handle “kits” when picking? For example, I want to pick a kit containing 30 items in the simplest way.

  • Right now Im using gant-table to follow items that are delayed when working with a sales order. Is there any way to show the critical path, meaning which items/operations that are causing the delay.

  1. This depends on what you mean by “sending” it - for a order specific change just change it on the production BOM on the order. However if by sending you mean “picking” instructions and the 1 will follow then this is different.

  2. Yes you can handle kits, but it is not simple. Look here: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/axmfg/archive/2012/12/16/kitting-in-microsoft-dynamics-ax-2012-using-product-configuration-and-sales-event-kanbans.aspx

  3. You could try looking at the explosion with the indicators turned on to show you the items.

Thx for the answer AdamRoue!

  1. I meant sending a salesorder inkluding picking. For example: I create a salesorder and choose a home theatre system. I want to send all the speakers in the original syst but the left back speaker (speaker 4) to my cusotmer. Can I just uncheck this speaker 4 somehow on the S.O-line?

  2. Ok, I will dig in to that. Thank you. Feels really stranden that AX doesnt have a simple solution to picking kit:s (kitting) in the warehouse, kittings seems to used in all warehouses Ive been in. The top search on google was http://kurthatlevik.wordpress.com/2012/09/25/ax-2012kitting-revisited/ . But I do need a vertical for that.

  3. Ok, I will search for the critical path that way. The customers will probably found the critial item/process that is causing the delay that way.