3 Question


1- is there way to delete customer (with transactions) ???

2- how to make system not accept new credit limit – if new credit limit less than balance ???

3- in Reports under criteria how to make pop-up menu classic

classic mean not accept manual entry (only select from menu)

and stop and (,)

from to (…) Feature from reports


and sorry for this Question

I know some question not logical
but already someone ask me about this?
and i can’t not reply

  1. Why?

  2. You would need to modify it, the credit limit is triggered on a transaction entry, not the entry on the customer card.

  3. You would need to modify the report.

thanks alot

for first point

i can filterd customer

for second one (i can stop change?? )give me path of it please in axapta 3

third one this need developer

thanks again

You can filter the customer? Makes no sense in a reply.

What path for the second one? It is a modification if you want to achieve it as I said it is not standard functionality.

ok thanks

and sorry for this questions

i know all is stansard

But this customer not accept explain for this issue

Then you need to sit with them, map out the requirements, give them an estimate and if they accept the costs write and test the modification for them.

Does not accept the dialogue with him

ok thanks and sorry for inconvenience :slight_smile:

So they will not let you talk to them but want you to do the work without explaining why they want it? Quote them 100 days on the basis of the unknown as they are unwilling to discuss the requirements in full and see if dialogue starts!