3.70 Inserting blank line

Hi, Is there a way to stop 3.70 inserting a blank line at the start of anything you copy/paste. I have to do something that involves a lot of c&p and although not very important, taking out every blank line is driving me insane. Please feel free to point out that i am being stupid if there is something staring me in the face. [B)]

Do you use F3 before pasting? This might be the problem :slight_smile:

No. I click in the relevant trigger and press ctrl and v as normal. It would appear to be some kind of ‘functionality’…

Well, I don’t have the problem in 3.60 so I guess it’s new and improved functionality[:)] in 3.70 (can’t test it though, since I haven’t installed 3.70 yet).

i only experience this if c&p’ing from lower versions to 3.70. c&p within 3.70 works well… this behavior is due to the fact that the text format changed somehow in 3.70 (to be able to handle the breakpoint feature for example). do you have difficulties to c&p WITHIN 3.70?

As you correctly point out, it is just when i copy and paste from a lower version (v2.0 in this case). It doesn’t happen within 3.70 at all. Its not a huge problem just a bit annoying really. I have almost finished the worst part anyway (with any luck…).

Are you aware of the fact that if you copy a whole field or function from a lower version to 3.70 that the first 4 columns of code vanish? Well, since you save your objects compiled always, you might already have noticed that… :slight_smile:

That did happen once actually, as you can imagine i was overjoyed about that…

I’m doing a 2.01 to 3.70 upgrade at the moment and this quirk[:(!] makes it all the more enjoyable[:D][:D][:D]

I just restore a copy into 3.70 and copy everything from that into my new database.:wink:

that’s actually what I do as well… :wink: Be aware that it is crucial to export text-files from the same client-version for use in the devtool. Otherwise you might get unwanted changes when comparing versions due to the different text format.

I have done the same as Chris and to a greater extent, it has cured my problems, but there are a couple of smaller issues that mean i sometimes have to plunder v2 databases for accuracy and peace of mind. Unfortunately peace of mind isn’t always forthcoming…