3.70 Information

Hi all, Does anybody have a definitive list of items that have been fixed in 3.70? I am aware of the areas that have been looked at at a high level, but have been unable to get hold of a more detailed list… Hope someone can help.

Can you post areas? I do not know anything about 3.70

I know that 3.70 will be available in the coming months - I also know that Denmark have completed their development, and that the new version addresses many problems with 3.60 (such as item tracking, reservations, outlook integration etc). I’m just trying to get a little more detail but it does not seem to be available yet.

Hi Ally, The two things I remember off the top of my head that I have been told that will be fixed in 3.70 (Rhodes) will be: - You will be able to have a server cache of 1GB (Previously all documentation said that you could have 1GB Navision server cache, but you could never get it over 900MB[B)].) - In some forms, if you use set a filter on certain fields, the form would crash out. For example, run the Item Ledger Entry form (F38) in 3.60 without any filters, then set the filter ‘LS*’ on the Item No. field, you should get a list of all item ledger entries for items where the Item No. starts with ‘LS’, but instead you get a filter error[}:)]. If I remember any more, I’ll post them. Hopefully the upgrade tools/routines will be improved as well as they have been pretty [}:)] for 3.60. I understand that the main reason for the 3.70 release will be fixes rather than new features [:D]

Thanks Edward.

See the thread “Skip open requisitions…” for some more information.

Hi everyone, Any idea when 3.70 will be official release ? Does NSC consultants need to go for another round certification for every new version release ?

As far as I know, we haven’t had an official release date - probably a couple of months time though. With regards certification, I was under the impression that all consultants need to recertify for version three, but in the UK the new test is not available yet… I’m keeping quiet, as taking another test is not something that I look forward to…

Release in April to NTRs for localization purpose. For W1 expect in same month.

Release in April to NTRs for localization purpose. For W1 expect in same month.

I’d personally bet on the July 2003 timeframe.