3.70.A Client installation through group policy

Has anyone been able to deploy the navision client through group policy ?? I’ve been able to do a admin install. Which forgets to copy some files and then needs when trying to install. So copied those manually. But when it comes to making a mst file the trouble begins. I am unable to get this to work. Basicly I think it is because it’s not a certified msi file. Which I find odd considering this is a microsoft product. You would think they would deliver a msi file which follows their own rules. Anyway hope someone has figured out a way of making it work.

There is a batch-file for Terminal Server or if you have install problems. This one you can use install without the installer.

The installation on the terminal server is fine. That wasn’t the problem. I want it to install on all my workstations through group policy. So that I do not have to go to every machine and install manually. I think I finally got it to work. Needs a bit more testing. I now made a mst file manually and edited it with Wise package studio.