3.7 To NAV 2009 Upgrade Error

Hi Expert,

I’m trying 3.7 to 2009 upgrade. After merge the object and Data Conversion I can not import new customize 2009 object to new database. When i try import object i got this error."You can not delete or change the type of WHT Bus. Posting Group field (in G/L Account table) xxxxxx. I never bring WHT Bus. Posting Group of 3.7 Ver to new customize object.

3.7 - 16000 = WHT Bus. Posting Group

  • 16001 = WHT Prod. Posting Group

2009 - 28040 = WHT Bus. Posting Group

  • 28041 = WHT Prod. Posting Group

When i merge which id do i need to bring to new 2009 object. And then How to solve my problem? I can not do another step when i got above error. Kindly advice to me

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this issue should be handled by the Upgrade Tool during the data conversion by moving the data from field 16000, 16001 to field 28040, 28041.
The fields 10000 to 49999 are country version specific fields and I do not know what country version this is. So I can only guess what happened.

  • You did not use the Upgrade tool localized for your country version.

  • You did miss a step in the upgrade process. If I remember well you first upgrade 3.70 → 4.0 and then 4.0 → 6.0 or similar.

  • You try to upgrade to or import the objects from a different country version (Might be because of 16000->28040).

Hi Thomas Martin,

Thank for your reply. Your word is correct. I’m upgrading Indonesia version (3.7) to 2009.

My client use Indonesia version 3.7 (so call ID 3.7). They wann to upgrade to latest version ID 2009. ID 2009 also came out. So i can merge with 3.7 and 2009. But my developer tool kit version is 3.01.40 (Not ID). “If I remember well you first upgrade 3.70 → 4.0 and then 4.0 → 6.0 or similar.” . Nav quick guide said we can directly upgrade 3.7 to 2009. So i skip 3.7->4.0, etc…

I did not use the Upgrade tool localized for your country version. Because of i don’t know where can i get. Can you give me way point.

I compare again ID 3.7 and 2009. Field ID is different. And check again SG version. SG version(3.7) also does not have WHT Business Posting Group but SG (5.0) has. ???

So what should i do for that?

ID = Indonesia

SG = Singapore

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You should find the Upgrade Tool for ID somewhere on https://mbs.microsoft.com/partnersource/

it changed: http://www.microsoft.com/dynamics/en/us/partner-login.aspx

or you can just contact your microsoft partner account manager in singapore.

Hi All,

Thank 4 your kindly reply. I seek upgrade took kit for localization, but i can’t find. :frowning:

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Then have a look at the product DVD. E.g. for the German version of 2009 SP1 you will find it in the folder UpgradeToolKit\Local Objects.

Hi Thomas Marti,

Thank your reply. Now i can search upgrade tool kit for ID. And I do the upgrade according user manual. But i got error when i arrive

Import Customized Objects - Task 6 - Import All Customized 2009 Objects. Major problem is field id is different. I’m using standard database & CRONUS Indonesia PT.

(My upgrade tool kit does not have renumbering bat file and exe.) so i skip this step. I already skipped filed id when same field name 3.7 and 2009. I take 2009 field when i merge.

Kindly, please advice to me.

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You have to start over again by running Step 1 Upgrade - old Version. This will handle at least your initial problem. There is no re-numbering tool handling this. It is done by the Upgrade Toolkit itself by moving the data to temporary tables in Step 1 and then back to the new fields in Step 2.

Hi Thomas Martin,

Thank 4 your reply. I already did again step 1. It is okie.

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