3.7 to 3.7A upgrade?

OK, I’ve searched and found a lot of useful data about the pitfals of upgrading. I was on a 2.6 db (SQl backend), and I did successfully get the clients and db upgraded (but NOT the objects). This was to 3.7. Now, I’d like to go to 3.7A. I thought that the two client versions (3.7 and 3.7A) would be able to live in peace together, but I saw at first login that an upgrade would be necessary. Since I did the backup and restore method to upgrade 2.6 → 3.7, is it a safe option to just hit Yes, and let it upgrade the database (once again, not a code upgrade, but a client upgrade)?

I think you will find the following topic useful: http://www.mbsonline.org/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=11299 Especially the following:


The SQL version requires conversion when its views need updating or the database property table [$ndo$dbproperty] layout changes to support new features or fixes… This is a list of … the changes that occured… 3.70 databaseversionno=15 Updated chartable in [$ndo$dbproperty] Added checkcodepage, quickfind, maintaindefaults fields to [$ndo$dbproperty] Updated Session and Database File views 3.70 Hotfix 5 databaseversionno=16 Updated Session view 3.70 Hotfix 12 databaseversionno=17 Update identifiers and invalididentifierchars in [$ndo$dbproperty]

So, it seems that not much happens when you ‘upgrade’ the database, but the SQL client(s) will be all need to be upgraded to the same ‘hotfix’ level.

Fritz - You are right on the money. Once you have the database opend with a 3.70 or 3.70a client all other clients need to be the same version. By the way; we moved from 3.60 to 3.70a clients (SQL database) and saw a fairly better performance. Renaming are now just flying…

I heard about the performance improvements, and I’m excited about them. In addition, I have also heard that it is more stable, as a handfull of my users are constantly complaining about Attain crashing. This was never a problem with 2.6e, as that was rock solid. My only concern was whether I had to do a complete backup and restore (took me three days of downtime last time I did it, so I wanted to avoid that scenario). But it doesn’t seem to be a problem as has been pointed out, so I’ll just schedule it so that when I’m upgrading it, that I’ll have my people update their client software. Any idea on the time that will be required to do the upgrade?

I don’t think it’s too bad - I would suggest that you take a copy of your database, and make sure that you do not have code that all of a sudden doesn’t work. LOCKTABLE(TRUE,TRUE) ; now crashes Navision (SQL) - We replaced it a few places to LOCTKABLE(TRUE, NOT RECORDLEVELLOCKING)

Thanks for the tip. I see that the code is in about 5-10 places, but will certainly be a quick fix.