3.7 To 2009 Upgrade (Missing Transfer Data)

Hi Expert,

There is a problem with the conversion toolkit what comes along with NAV2009 SP1. There is a missing part handling the conversion of BOMS and Job Budget Line. I compared the conversion toolkit from 3.70 with the NAV 2009 SP1 version after I ran into problems after I ran conversion step 1 and tried to import the NAV2009 SP1 objects. The compare of the 2 toolkits showed me that the BOM conversion part was completely missing in the NAV 2009 SP1 version. I’m currently running the NAV 370 conversion toolkit step1 and see if I can overcome my problem. If that doesn’t work I’m stuck unless I restore my original backup and start all over again.

So what do i need to do for above problem?

Kindly, please advice to me.

Best Regards,